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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


To reiterate a bit of what Max stated in his last post- we here at Disco Horror LOOOOOOVE music by Scandinavians. Recent posts about artists like Tiedye, Studio, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and others have likely clued you into this. So to fully establish our love for the area encompassing Denmark, Norway and Sweden (and sometimes Finland or Iceland- if they're lucky) I will provide you with another entree to fill up our veritable Smorgasbord of funky-Scando offerings.

If you know me (or have seen my name in print) you know that I have more than a little Nordic blood runnin' through these veins. I have relatives with names like Per and Thor, my Grandma frequently said things like "Uff Da!", we eat pickled herring at Christmas, I have the beard of a fisherman, I could go on. But instead of wow-ing you any further with my credentials, I will present to you this dark, bubbly double-shot of Scandinavian pop-disco tonic by Swede Jenny Wilson, as remixed by Dane Peter 'Balearic Monster' Visti.

Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)

I was previously unfamiliar with Jenny Wilson, but some may remember her from previous releases on the Knife's Rabid Records label, or perhaps even from her backing vocals on that group's 'Silent Shout' album. Peter Visti, on the other hand, I was already pretty well-acquainted with, having picked up a couple of his excellent tunes on Eskimo records in previous years. The two make a great pair; Visti adds the perfect amount of nu-disco shimmer to Wilson's sultry, mutated pop vocals. It's all catchy as hell too, with a swaggering chorus that wouldn't sound out of place on top-40 radio if this were a better, kinder world. You can order the vinyl release at the shop on Wilson's website, among other, more European places.

Moving away from Scandinavia and on to the slightly warmer climes of the British Isles, former A Mountain of One contributor Leo Zero has also released another slick slab of edits, the Message Of Love / Just Dance 12" on Glory's. The B-side of the record contains Leo's rather lengthy take on Scandal's "Just Dance," where he squeezes every last drop of this juicy track's forbidden disco fruit into a shiny glass of edit-ade.

Scandal - Just Dance (Leo Zero Rework)



Raw Patrick said...

Leo Zero is from the UK, dog.

Erik said...

Sir you are right, I must've been trippin. Post has been updated