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Monday, June 1, 2009


Ayo: so I wonder about a lot of things, like the earth, and trees, and why is there war, and one of the things I wonder about a lot is: why are there so many good Scandinavian musicians? I think one easy explanation for this is "nanny-state" socialism, like the kind espoused by President of All Muslims Barack HUSSEIN O[b/s]ama. For example in Sweden, all drugs are legal, and if they find you doing heroin, they use rich people taxes to buy you a design firm specializing in avant-garde cutlery and just straight-up give you turntables and a Kaos Pad, and in Norway every single person is taxed 6000% from cradle to grave, and the state religion is Muslim Homosexuality, which is taught in every school alongside Ableton 101, funded by the stolen money of Norway's many hardworking professors of architecture, fisherpeople, and Pitchfork Media crush objects.

This explanation works quite well for Britain, too, which is like Scandinavia, but with more racism (also, Scandinavian people are easier to understand). In fact, it works so well that I am sort of tempted to become a socialist, only I am not sure how to do it (for example, do I have to become a vegetarian? Very complicated). Let me be more specific: this new record by the Meanderthals, called Desire Lines, has made me into some kind of godless/Moslem pansexual socialist, such that I am tempted to move to San Francisco (more like Gay Frangaysco), because it is made by pot-smoking foreigners from the UK and Norway: the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbæk.

It is basically obvious that the Idjuts and Lindbæk would work together someday, being that they are both totally gay/socialist for echo effects, and love to smoke "weed" and "chill" and also they are basically three of the raddest producers/DJs/"figures" in dance music over the last 10+ years. And even though the album isn't really "disco" it is still in keeping with what these guys do: reverb, echo, delay, and tons of bongos. They love bongos. Really, this is just like a perfect album to get, as they say, faded to. I can't even imagine how much weed they all smoked while making this album, but it was probably a lot, and probably funded by the government.

Anyway my point is that I did an email interview with Rune that you can read here on Anthem's website. Rune, it turns out, is a bit of "jokester"; the Idjuts, on the other hand, "don't check their email."

And here's "Collective Fetish" from Desire Lines, plus an earlier collaboration between Rune & the Idjuts (that's Rune on vocals, by the way; he sounds like that over email, too.) I invite you to enjoy this shit now, because at the end of the summer your little sister's boyfriend will be all, "Hey, have you ever heard this band, the Meanderthals?" and you'll be like, "I wish I could shoot myself in the face, now."

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