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Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are moving, leaving our earthly roots at blogger to travel to the outer rings where our transmissions can reach deeper into the depths of deep space. It seems as though it were just yesterday that I was posting for the first time here, but we are on to bigger and better... blog formatting software. Follow us below at the new site. All the old posts will be there, plus new ones from Max, Erik, and myself. We will have an automatic redirect installed soon enough, but for now, follow by clicking below and adding it to your RSS feed!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


To reiterate a bit of what Max stated in his last post- we here at Disco Horror LOOOOOOVE music by Scandinavians. Recent posts about artists like Tiedye, Studio, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and others have likely clued you into this. So to fully establish our love for the area encompassing Denmark, Norway and Sweden (and sometimes Finland or Iceland- if they're lucky) I will provide you with another entree to fill up our veritable Smorgasbord of funky-Scando offerings.

If you know me (or have seen my name in print) you know that I have more than a little Nordic blood runnin' through these veins. I have relatives with names like Per and Thor, my Grandma frequently said things like "Uff Da!", we eat pickled herring at Christmas, I have the beard of a fisherman, I could go on. But instead of wow-ing you any further with my credentials, I will present to you this dark, bubbly double-shot of Scandinavian pop-disco tonic by Swede Jenny Wilson, as remixed by Dane Peter 'Balearic Monster' Visti.

Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)

I was previously unfamiliar with Jenny Wilson, but some may remember her from previous releases on the Knife's Rabid Records label, or perhaps even from her backing vocals on that group's 'Silent Shout' album. Peter Visti, on the other hand, I was already pretty well-acquainted with, having picked up a couple of his excellent tunes on Eskimo records in previous years. The two make a great pair; Visti adds the perfect amount of nu-disco shimmer to Wilson's sultry, mutated pop vocals. It's all catchy as hell too, with a swaggering chorus that wouldn't sound out of place on top-40 radio if this were a better, kinder world. You can order the vinyl release at the shop on Wilson's website, among other, more European places.

Moving away from Scandinavia and on to the slightly warmer climes of the British Isles, former A Mountain of One contributor Leo Zero has also released another slick slab of edits, the Message Of Love / Just Dance 12" on Glory's. The B-side of the record contains Leo's rather lengthy take on Scandal's "Just Dance," where he squeezes every last drop of this juicy track's forbidden disco fruit into a shiny glass of edit-ade.

Scandal - Just Dance (Leo Zero Rework)


Monday, June 1, 2009


Ayo: so I wonder about a lot of things, like the earth, and trees, and why is there war, and one of the things I wonder about a lot is: why are there so many good Scandinavian musicians? I think one easy explanation for this is "nanny-state" socialism, like the kind espoused by President of All Muslims Barack HUSSEIN O[b/s]ama. For example in Sweden, all drugs are legal, and if they find you doing heroin, they use rich people taxes to buy you a design firm specializing in avant-garde cutlery and just straight-up give you turntables and a Kaos Pad, and in Norway every single person is taxed 6000% from cradle to grave, and the state religion is Muslim Homosexuality, which is taught in every school alongside Ableton 101, funded by the stolen money of Norway's many hardworking professors of architecture, fisherpeople, and Pitchfork Media crush objects.

This explanation works quite well for Britain, too, which is like Scandinavia, but with more racism (also, Scandinavian people are easier to understand). In fact, it works so well that I am sort of tempted to become a socialist, only I am not sure how to do it (for example, do I have to become a vegetarian? Very complicated). Let me be more specific: this new record by the Meanderthals, called Desire Lines, has made me into some kind of godless/Moslem pansexual socialist, such that I am tempted to move to San Francisco (more like Gay Frangaysco), because it is made by pot-smoking foreigners from the UK and Norway: the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbæk.

It is basically obvious that the Idjuts and Lindbæk would work together someday, being that they are both totally gay/socialist for echo effects, and love to smoke "weed" and "chill" and also they are basically three of the raddest producers/DJs/"figures" in dance music over the last 10+ years. And even though the album isn't really "disco" it is still in keeping with what these guys do: reverb, echo, delay, and tons of bongos. They love bongos. Really, this is just like a perfect album to get, as they say, faded to. I can't even imagine how much weed they all smoked while making this album, but it was probably a lot, and probably funded by the government.

Anyway my point is that I did an email interview with Rune that you can read here on Anthem's website. Rune, it turns out, is a bit of "jokester"; the Idjuts, on the other hand, "don't check their email."

And here's "Collective Fetish" from Desire Lines, plus an earlier collaboration between Rune & the Idjuts (that's Rune on vocals, by the way; he sounds like that over email, too.) I invite you to enjoy this shit now, because at the end of the summer your little sister's boyfriend will be all, "Hey, have you ever heard this band, the Meanderthals?" and you'll be like, "I wish I could shoot myself in the face, now."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hola! Me llamo 'Erik'...

My very first Disco Horror post! How exciting, amirite? Just want to say thanks to Ash and Max for welcoming me aboard the discohorror.blogspot.com company yacht, even though I already blew that Best Buy giftcard on the new Lionel Richie album (it has Akon on it!). Anyway, I figure I need to introduce myself a bit 'round these parts, but sometimes you can only express yourself through SONG. So allow me to introduce you to my new favorite jam, one that will no doubt end up as the soundtrack to epic summers around the world this year, the Tiedye mix of DJ Kaos' "Love the Night Away".

DJ Kaos - Love The Night Away (Tiedye Mix)

DFA and Rong recently issued the 12" vinyl release, which includes the original- a solid nu-disco banger in its own right, an instrumental version of the original, and this magical yachted-out Tiedye mix. You may remember Tiedye from their "Nothing Else Matters" 12 inch, or their remix of Rubies' "I Feel Electric," both released last year on Italians Do It Better. All of the mixes are good, but the Tiedye remix puts those gruff crooner vocals in their proper context- which happens to be a champagne-drenched balearic beach party. The lyrics are so ridiculous I can't help but smile on each listen and wish that I was actually listening to the tune on a sunrise-lit beach somewhere in the Spanish Riviera.

Another mega-jam of mine this past month or so comes from Beautiful Swimmers, a DC-based outfit with a slammin 12" out on the Future Times label. One side of the vinyl is designated for a theme-song of sorts, "Swimmer's Groove," which I swear samples "Wax the Van" by Lola (feel free to correct me here anyone) and can also be found on their excellent 'Lifeguardians' mix at the Future Times site. However, the side I favor the most holds a tune by the name of "Oh Yea" and features some great slo-mo new-beat drums and fx.

Beautiful Swimmers - Oh Yea

The duo have also prepared an excellent, rather psychedelic, exercise-themed music video for the track, which really drives the whole thing home if you ask me.

Finally, in order to fully introduce myself to Disco Horror readers out there, I have included a recent mix of mine that you all may very well dig. I did it solely with vinyl, and it's veers between EBM, oddball disco, slo-mo edits, and italo- here's the tracklist:


Unfinished Business – Out of My Hands (Revenge Edit)
James Carmichael + Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up (Instrumental)
Chocolette – Tell Me (That You Like It) (Party Mix)
The Popular People’s Front – My Baby Stays Out All Night
Les Edits du Golem – Eden Rock
The Tribe – Jungle Rock
Mark Shreeve – Legion (Space Mix)
Chris + Cosey – Arkade
Pankow – Girls + Boys (Betty Botox Edit)
Laid Back – White Horse
Severed Heads – Greater Dub (Hardway Bros. Edit + FX)
Tiger + Woods – Come Down
It’s A Fine Line – Woman (A Makhnovschina Reposession)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebration/I wanna be DFAmous

First and foremost, an introduction to a new contributor to Disco Horror, Erik (pictured with myself above), a fellow ILMer who we thought he could contribute some great tunes to the mass-media cultural phenomenon taking the country by storm that is Disco Horror! Not really, but he WILL be throwing down some mixes and sharing his latest purchases with Max and myself and he gets access to all the benefits of being a conributor to Disco Horror, like keys to the yacht, VIP-membership to all the hottest clubs, a life of general excess, and a $25 gift-certificate to Best Buy! Don't you wish you were all so lucky! So welcome! and now on to the tunes.

As I blawgged before, DFAmer and former Six Finger Satellite member, The Juan Maclean's new album is making some serious noise and I've been playing it quite a bit, but now it's time for the remixes! The One Day 12" features remixes by the Emperor Machine and Surkin. The Emperor Machine mix churns along like a train dragging you to hell, buzzing with bolts of psychedelic energy and giving you bits and pieces of the original track's vocals along the way. But MY choice of the release is the Surkin mix, which raves harder than those dudes with shirts off and gloves with lights on the ends of the fingertips. I feel like raving has been a theme of my recent posts, but this is a pretty special mix and he adds all these grainy effects, 808 cowbells, and what sounds like an Ozzy Ozbourne sample in a way that makes you want to forget your cares and dance the night away under the lazers and weirdos with elmo backpacks, or maybe a less lame scene, just listen to this and I'll stop writing.

The Juan Maclean - One Day (Surkin Remix)

Also check out Betablog's recent conversation with the man himself just about a week ago, quite a nice little interview AND for those interested he is currently touring and comes to SF on June 6th, I might be camping but if it's anything close to H&LAs performance you won't want to miss it.

Next a little bonus to go with this monster and to give you something different to bounce your head to from late last year. This Clinic 10" Tomorrow came out a while ago, but I've been playing it a lot and felt it might be worth sharing, a buzzy jammy reworking of some charmingly whiny vocals from the psychedelic folky original.

Clinic - Tomorrow (DFA Remix)

Monday, May 25, 2009





Well, yesterday was my favorite holiday, Memorial Day, which is The Official Start Of The Summer, as decreed by basically everyone, and also The Day When Various Media Personalities Hector Us All About All The Dead Troops, as decreed by Various Media Personalities, who, desperate to be seen as Upstanding, Troop-Loving Types, talk about people making "The Ultimate Sacrifice For Your Country" a.k.a. "Dying In Iraq/Afghanistan Due To The Muslims" basically nonstop, especially on NPR, and really, NPR, who are you fooling, you fucking commies, I just want to listen to Car Talk.

How did you guys celebrate? If I know my reading audience well, I imagine that the Americans among you spent the day slack-jawed, hunched at your Macbooks, playing/masturbating to some kind of World of Warcraft/pornography hybrid, while our two or three British fans had tea on the barbie and saluted the Queen. I personally memorialized the Troops and the September 11ths and the George Washingtons by eating a hamburger made from red meat, helping contribute to my Classic American Impotence and Heart Disease, and listening to R. Kelly. Major League Baseball celebrated the blood sacrifice of thousands of nineteen-year-olds by holding Fred Durst Day, where every ballplayer was forced to wear a red hat, presumably symbolizing the color of Valentine's Day cards, which the troops sent to their "sweethearts."

The real question is: what America-loving music did you listen to? Given that most people who read this blog are dance music fans, and therefore closeted gays, and therefore terrorists making suicide attacks on marriage, you probably spent the day listening to "The Internationale (Osama Remix)" and Elton John. Fear not, though—as part of Disco Horror's service to this country, I'm going to provide you with two truly America-loving songs.

The first is "Born in the U.S.A. (Dub Mix)," by the all-time America-lover Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen wrote this song as a tribute to the fact that God had blessed him by not making him an immigrant, and as a celebration of our country's Greatest War (Vietnam). And I know what you're going to say! "Max, this is some kind of un-American remix! What would the founding fathers think if, for example, you remixed the constitution!" Folks: this is a "dub mix," which is the least gay/unamerican of all mixes, so please don't worry.

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (Dub Mix)

The other track is the terrific capitalist anthem "I Buy American Records," by the band "St. Etienne" (what could be more American than a God-fearing band who names themselves after a religious figure??). This track is all about stimulating the American economy by buying records—a terrific message for a difficult time.

St. Etienne - I Buy American Records

Thursday, May 21, 2009

do you want 2 cds?

Today we have a multi-track posting. Haven't done one in a while, so here it is 3 tracks today for your listening pleasure! The only thing they have in common is that they are all shimmering examples of neon synth disco.

First up we have a chirping thumper that makes me feel like I'm wandering down a beach late in the night, following the sound of a distant thumping rhythm when I happen upon a beach cave rave where people covered in flourescent paint are dancing under stalagmites that shimmer as the moonlight reflects off the water. In Flagranti's new album Brash & Vulgar (the title track of which you can find over at 20JFG) begins like most of their awesome erotic italo grinders of before, but then delves off into deeper and darker realms of their dance voodoo. The album features short tastey reworkings of well and lesser known samples, along with longer dreamier sequences that are more reminiscent of the groups alternate identity, Oblio. I would highly recommend the album, and you can purchase it here, but for now here's a little taste to entice the senses.

In Flagranti - I Hadn't Screwed Around Before

Moving on with the hypnotic dark synths, we have an exclusive remix from Bottin, who's release No Static on IDIB is currently receiving much play on my tables (but for some reason I like it pitched down about -6). I'm always confused by tracks that use versus in the artist description, but for now I'll envision Codebreaker and Bottin weilding Juno-6s and Moog Liberations in a battle royale in the Tron arena. And what the fuck is that whirling synth that spirals in and out of the neon blue sonic gridscape, it sounds like a computer playing a trombone or something? I don't know just listen cuz it's rad.

Codebreaker vs. Bottin - Follow Me (Bottin Remix)

Ok now your all hyped up and if you don't drink 2 gallons of water you might dehydrate yourself and ruin the party for everyone! So we'll throw a cool down track in there so that you can mellow for a few minutes before the dancing ensues again. Milky Disco 2: Let's Go Freak Out is a collection of tracks by some of the best workers within nudisco or synthdisco or nubalerica or whatever you want to call it and far surpasses the first volume in quality and quantity. This time you get 2 CDs! 2 see deez nuts!!! No really though you do. Two CDs worth of material by names like Hatchback, Johan Agebjorn, Rune Lindbaek, Soft Rocks and much more! And the best tracks aren't even by them! Hilights in my opinion are Pollyester "You Are Amen", Gatto Fritto "Hungry Ghosts", Soft Circle "Don't Just Stand There (Eric Broucek Mix)" AND you get stuff like Nite Jewel's "What Did He Say" and Ghost Notes' "Pissed And Passed Out" if you missed the 12"s. And then there's this track by Canadian CFCF, a name that I remember first seeing back in the day on discodust. A name that has now come to much deserved prominence in the blogosphere. This track is just fucking beautiful and I'm not going to describe it because the title says it all, Cue montage of all the amazing moments that you've had while reading this lengthy post.

CFCF - Raining Patterns