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Thursday, May 21, 2009

do you want 2 cds?

Today we have a multi-track posting. Haven't done one in a while, so here it is 3 tracks today for your listening pleasure! The only thing they have in common is that they are all shimmering examples of neon synth disco.

First up we have a chirping thumper that makes me feel like I'm wandering down a beach late in the night, following the sound of a distant thumping rhythm when I happen upon a beach cave rave where people covered in flourescent paint are dancing under stalagmites that shimmer as the moonlight reflects off the water. In Flagranti's new album Brash & Vulgar (the title track of which you can find over at 20JFG) begins like most of their awesome erotic italo grinders of before, but then delves off into deeper and darker realms of their dance voodoo. The album features short tastey reworkings of well and lesser known samples, along with longer dreamier sequences that are more reminiscent of the groups alternate identity, Oblio. I would highly recommend the album, and you can purchase it here, but for now here's a little taste to entice the senses.

In Flagranti - I Hadn't Screwed Around Before

Moving on with the hypnotic dark synths, we have an exclusive remix from Bottin, who's release No Static on IDIB is currently receiving much play on my tables (but for some reason I like it pitched down about -6). I'm always confused by tracks that use versus in the artist description, but for now I'll envision Codebreaker and Bottin weilding Juno-6s and Moog Liberations in a battle royale in the Tron arena. And what the fuck is that whirling synth that spirals in and out of the neon blue sonic gridscape, it sounds like a computer playing a trombone or something? I don't know just listen cuz it's rad.

Codebreaker vs. Bottin - Follow Me (Bottin Remix)

Ok now your all hyped up and if you don't drink 2 gallons of water you might dehydrate yourself and ruin the party for everyone! So we'll throw a cool down track in there so that you can mellow for a few minutes before the dancing ensues again. Milky Disco 2: Let's Go Freak Out is a collection of tracks by some of the best workers within nudisco or synthdisco or nubalerica or whatever you want to call it and far surpasses the first volume in quality and quantity. This time you get 2 CDs! 2 see deez nuts!!! No really though you do. Two CDs worth of material by names like Hatchback, Johan Agebjorn, Rune Lindbaek, Soft Rocks and much more! And the best tracks aren't even by them! Hilights in my opinion are Pollyester "You Are Amen", Gatto Fritto "Hungry Ghosts", Soft Circle "Don't Just Stand There (Eric Broucek Mix)" AND you get stuff like Nite Jewel's "What Did He Say" and Ghost Notes' "Pissed And Passed Out" if you missed the 12"s. And then there's this track by Canadian CFCF, a name that I remember first seeing back in the day on discodust. A name that has now come to much deserved prominence in the blogosphere. This track is just fucking beautiful and I'm not going to describe it because the title says it all, Cue montage of all the amazing moments that you've had while reading this lengthy post.

CFCF - Raining Patterns

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