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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here lies the Black Disco

So it's been about a year since I moved out of LA and one of the things I miss most about living down there was the Blackdisco parties thrown by Nitedog and Lovefingers. Seriously well-orchestrated fun that lit up the Mountain Bar in Chinatown or random warehouses in downtown where DJs like Prins Thomas played deep into the night, not to mention having the raddest flyers west of anywhere. While Lovefingers has relocated to NY, Nitedog still holds down the scene in LA and you can follow Blackdisco at their site here.

The reason I mention them is that they have a new release, volume 3 on their label. The first sports two great edits "Mars" and "Mexico", the latter a supreme edit of Sammy Barbot's "New Mexico". The second is a series of edits by Lee Douglas. This one doesn't feature Lovefingers, but adds Julien Love to the cast (who supposedly has a release on Internasjonal due out soon - see more about him here). Both Love and Douglas' edits are nice but Nitedog takes the prize here with his collaboration with Ryan Edwards, an edit that comes at you from every possible musical direction you could imagine. Is it soulful disco, is it chicago house, is it fuzzy beardo rock? You decide, enjoy.

Bionic Boogie - Chains (Nitedog Anonstop Edit)


plaid said...

when i got the vinyl and listened to this track my jaw dropped to the floor..awesome tune

Ash said...

seriously, it was just like wtf from all directions. so great!

Ash said...

i get by with a little help from my friends...

Jaxon (RIH) found this: