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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey guys—do you think the "joke" I make about how Jimmy & I are "famous" "rich" "good-looking" "bloggers" is "over"? Have I used it "too much"? Ha ha, of course not. "Irony"!

Jimmy & I were tandem windsurfing yesterday off the coast of the island from "Lost" (it's real, and we get to go to it) when two golden-feathered doves landed on our respective shoulders and whispered in our ears: "RVNG is releasing a new mix, curated by Andre Bumrocks and Jason Evans from Hey Convict!, and it will be released simultaneously with a 7" featuring some highlights from the mix, on purple vinyl.)" And then the birds, which were actually clockwork creations made in the distant past by unknown master Persian craftsmen, turned into MP3 players, and we listened to the mix, and then went back to the shore and made out, with babes.

"Irony"! Actually we got an email from a guy named "Josh," and because we are a) big RVNG fans and b) suckers for people who make the mistake of thinking this website has any readers besides my girlfriend (hi Ari!), we decided to post a track off the 7" (it's a seven-inch because this is the seventh release in the series—also because Andre Bumrock's favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold).

The mix itself (called "Purple Brain," a reference to the great 70s rock band Deep Purple and the Steven Martin film The Man with Two Brains; that's the cover up top) consists of what sounds like three dozen nameless brain-erasing parallel-universe beardo classics; it's a little all-over-the-place, but if you've got a problem with all-over-the-place, you're reading the wrong blog. Really, the problem is that an hour is way too short to actually get a grip on the ridiculous number of things going on in this mix, and more than once tracks get cut off just when you're ready for more. Still: better to have listening to thirty seconds, and lost, than to never have listened to even thirty seconds, of a song, at all, right?

I didn't recognize any of the tracks on my first couple listens, but I was able to recognize many instruments, including:

• The guitar

• The drums

• The flute

• The bass guitar

Bottom line: if you like any of those instruments, I feel confident you'll enjoy this mix.

"Josh," who is very nice, asked that we let you know when you can pre-order the fine merchandise listen above, so, please be aware, you can pre-order both Purple Brain and the Purple Brain 7" on May 26.

The track I'm leaving you with is the B-side to the seven-inch, a happy, apolitical, message-less little ditty by the apartheid-era South African troupe the Bahumutsi Drama Group (founded by activist and playwright Maishe Maponya). I feel confident that when the Drama Group recorded this "joint," they were hoping it would someday be played in a Bushwick loft to a bunch of drunk, mostly white, out-of-work "artists"/web designers! Enjoy!

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