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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebration/I wanna be DFAmous

First and foremost, an introduction to a new contributor to Disco Horror, Erik (pictured with myself above), a fellow ILMer who we thought he could contribute some great tunes to the mass-media cultural phenomenon taking the country by storm that is Disco Horror! Not really, but he WILL be throwing down some mixes and sharing his latest purchases with Max and myself and he gets access to all the benefits of being a conributor to Disco Horror, like keys to the yacht, VIP-membership to all the hottest clubs, a life of general excess, and a $25 gift-certificate to Best Buy! Don't you wish you were all so lucky! So welcome! and now on to the tunes.

As I blawgged before, DFAmer and former Six Finger Satellite member, The Juan Maclean's new album is making some serious noise and I've been playing it quite a bit, but now it's time for the remixes! The One Day 12" features remixes by the Emperor Machine and Surkin. The Emperor Machine mix churns along like a train dragging you to hell, buzzing with bolts of psychedelic energy and giving you bits and pieces of the original track's vocals along the way. But MY choice of the release is the Surkin mix, which raves harder than those dudes with shirts off and gloves with lights on the ends of the fingertips. I feel like raving has been a theme of my recent posts, but this is a pretty special mix and he adds all these grainy effects, 808 cowbells, and what sounds like an Ozzy Ozbourne sample in a way that makes you want to forget your cares and dance the night away under the lazers and weirdos with elmo backpacks, or maybe a less lame scene, just listen to this and I'll stop writing.

The Juan Maclean - One Day (Surkin Remix)

Also check out Betablog's recent conversation with the man himself just about a week ago, quite a nice little interview AND for those interested he is currently touring and comes to SF on June 6th, I might be camping but if it's anything close to H&LAs performance you won't want to miss it.

Next a little bonus to go with this monster and to give you something different to bounce your head to from late last year. This Clinic 10" Tomorrow came out a while ago, but I've been playing it a lot and felt it might be worth sharing, a buzzy jammy reworking of some charmingly whiny vocals from the psychedelic folky original.

Clinic - Tomorrow (DFA Remix)

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