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Friday, May 1, 2009

Jisco disco, dub your friday

In my opinion, Jiscomusic is the best label putting out disco edits right now, and by best I mean consistently fucking amazing. There are plenty of one-off edit labels that may come out strong with a first release and then ride on it's success to impart upon us several releases of a lower caliber that really should never have touched vinyl to begin with. But if it wasn't telling that the third release of the label (I still have yet to track down the first two) introduced us all to Mark E (the new king of dubby disco, who has carved himself a serious corner in the 100-115bpm dance community), the label has consistently been releasing dance floor monsters since, introducing us to such names as The Revenge and 6th Borough Project.

Well now there's a new member to the family and his name is Eddie C. So far the artists on Jisco have all been from the UK, but Eddie C hails from Canada! Woot North America! Anyways, he has supplied three top quality edits to Jisco for it's 9th release, You're Welcome, and I decided to be nice enough to share the BEST ONE with you all instead of being selfish and keeping it for myself and for my mixes. This track sneaks up on you with a hypnotic loopy hum and a lovely guitar riff that lulls you into an unconscious head bob that has you thinkin' "you know house music is pretty rad", and then BOOM that fucking breakdown! DANCE TO THE DISCO BEAT! C'MON! DANCE TO THE DISCO BEAT! And that's when you realize you're having a legitimate freakout at your desk and your coworkers are starting to stare. Be careful with this one as it may set your mind free.

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free

Why stop there? 6th Borough Project's second release on Instruments of Rapture, the aptly named Part Two contains the track I first heard when The Revenge guested on BIS a month or so ago (listen to that mix here). This track is for the beginning of the night when the DJ opening for you hasn't really got the place moving, so you jump on the tables and throw this one on. Before you know it people start to find their way to the dance floor, there's just something about those deep vocals that make you want to get down, and plus this has a record stop built into it! So you can look like a real DJ without even trying! No seriously, the record stop is that little nudge that catches your attention. Use this one wisely.

6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max

Last minute reminder too, Harvey is tonight at Project One, party starts at 10 and I couldn't be more excited so come on out and dance your cares away!