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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dance disorder!!!

Besides listening to the new L&PT album on consistent repeat, I've been turning to a name that has been consistently on the rise for the past half year or so, Croatian Ilija Rudman. His music is what you might find if you looked up nudisco in a dictionary. It lacks the endearingly organic imperfections of disco from the 70s, but retains a supremely thick funkiness in the bass and guitar while applying a smooth layer of electric sheen cut with lasers. A lot of people have been buzzing about bouncey "In Motion" which you can still score over at 20JFG, but I picked up this release and have been quite content with how it moves me, plus it features a nice Faze Action remix. He's releasing more and more with each passing day so keep an eye out for him to make it big in the near future.

Ilija Rudman - Dance Disorder (Faze Action Remix)

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