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Thursday, April 2, 2009

PiaNO? PiaYES!!!

Soft Rocks has been tearing up recently. Actually, the Brighton-based group have been releasing funky music for a few years now. I have several of their records and while some are off the wall to the point that you probably wouldn't play them unless you were DJing and odd art gallery, others are incredibly inventive dancefloor-friendly monsters. I put "Slow Down" on my last mix from Umut 2000 because it was an amazing storm of acoustic guitars that made you feel like you were caught in the center of a virtuoso flamenco guitarist pissing competition. Other tracks are much more mellow, see the hypnotic african gospel of "Black Magic" and "Is This The Best Step For Father Africa" from Disco Power Play III, actually just see that whole release because it's rad. OR just check out some of their remixes of late for MGMT's "Of Moons, Birds & Monsters" or their remix collaboration with Kathy Diamond for Low Motion Disco's "Love Love Love", that for me was overshadowed unjustly by the Aeroplane remix that came out at the same time.

Their tracks are really all over the place so maybe it's no surprise that their new release heads in an entirely different direction. I can't really place where this lies genrewise but who cares, I think it's a beautiful track and the piano has been run through so many chorus, reverb, flanger and delay effects that it's ghostly repetition propels the whirring of percussion guitars and synthesizers that surround it to create the best nighttime, top-down, driving-in-your-convertible-on-an-LA-summer-night-contemplating-life-and-love music I've heard in a while. Enjoy this masterpiece and check out the rest of the release, it's called Essra.

Soft Rocks - Essra (Instrumental)

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