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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Wellllll—I wrote a poem.

A Poem About Twitter

What if: the internet
was communication
and communication
was the internet?

What if: our thoughts
could talk?

In the future, someday our
children will live
without poverty
without prejudice
without pain
with networking
with messaging.

What is the bible?

Isn't it just a blog?

What is Jesus?

Isn't it just Facebook? (Love your neighbor)

What is the second coming?

Isn't it just 140 characters of judgement?

I lie awake and think of my grandfather:
How did he communicate?

I think of my grandmother:
How did she let people know
what she had for lunch?

The paradox of Twitter:
how can this technology
make us more like humans
and less like robots?


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