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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twnkl twnkl lttl nrds

A quick post from the road in NZ. I have been listening to this release for a little while and I feel guilty for not posting it a little earlier because the rad dudes over at RVNG were kind enough to send me a copy. As you are hopefully already aware, RVNG Intl. has been releasing gold edits consistently for the last couple years and have featured a stunning lineup, including Lovefingers, Wade Nichols (Todd Terje), Mock & Toof, Jacques Renault, Betty Botox and Greg Wilson in addition to releasing regular mixes by Tim Sweeney and JD Twitch. Not to turn this into a name dropping post, but hopefully you get the point. I also regularly check the playlists they post monthly on their site.

Their releases to date have been consistently incredible and the latest, volume 8, features New York's nu-italo erotic masters In Flagranti, who also have a new album due out Brash & Vulgar. Unfortunately, there's no nudey cover for this release but it features two serious rock reworkings of Kiss' "I Was Made For Lovin You" and Slade's "Run Runaway"! Today I have chosen the charming disco lullaby titled "Stahl Rig", which as discogs informs us, is combined with the artist name on the release Petite Storm to clue us in on the original. I have yet to work it out, but maybe you can help? Here is the track, let it lull you sleep as the night drifts into the wee hours of the morning. The release is sold out on their site, but it is still available at Juno and a few other sites so go get it if you like!

Petite Storm - Stahl Rig


beta said...

Peep the feature I scribed about these nerds here: http://www.villagevoice.com/2009-03-04/music/the-joys-of-diy-disco-courtesy-revenge-of-the-nerds/

Ash said...

well scribed! but you didnt mention the lovefingers release, which is still my fave!

beta said...

ha, perhaps this one will work then:

Ash said...

oh how i miss those black disco parties at the mountain bar