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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hola! Me llamo 'Erik'...

My very first Disco Horror post! How exciting, amirite? Just want to say thanks to Ash and Max for welcoming me aboard the discohorror.blogspot.com company yacht, even though I already blew that Best Buy giftcard on the new Lionel Richie album (it has Akon on it!). Anyway, I figure I need to introduce myself a bit 'round these parts, but sometimes you can only express yourself through SONG. So allow me to introduce you to my new favorite jam, one that will no doubt end up as the soundtrack to epic summers around the world this year, the Tiedye mix of DJ Kaos' "Love the Night Away".

DJ Kaos - Love The Night Away (Tiedye Mix)

DFA and Rong recently issued the 12" vinyl release, which includes the original- a solid nu-disco banger in its own right, an instrumental version of the original, and this magical yachted-out Tiedye mix. You may remember Tiedye from their "Nothing Else Matters" 12 inch, or their remix of Rubies' "I Feel Electric," both released last year on Italians Do It Better. All of the mixes are good, but the Tiedye remix puts those gruff crooner vocals in their proper context- which happens to be a champagne-drenched balearic beach party. The lyrics are so ridiculous I can't help but smile on each listen and wish that I was actually listening to the tune on a sunrise-lit beach somewhere in the Spanish Riviera.

Another mega-jam of mine this past month or so comes from Beautiful Swimmers, a DC-based outfit with a slammin 12" out on the Future Times label. One side of the vinyl is designated for a theme-song of sorts, "Swimmer's Groove," which I swear samples "Wax the Van" by Lola (feel free to correct me here anyone) and can also be found on their excellent 'Lifeguardians' mix at the Future Times site. However, the side I favor the most holds a tune by the name of "Oh Yea" and features some great slo-mo new-beat drums and fx.

Beautiful Swimmers - Oh Yea

The duo have also prepared an excellent, rather psychedelic, exercise-themed music video for the track, which really drives the whole thing home if you ask me.

Finally, in order to fully introduce myself to Disco Horror readers out there, I have included a recent mix of mine that you all may very well dig. I did it solely with vinyl, and it's veers between EBM, oddball disco, slo-mo edits, and italo- here's the tracklist:


Unfinished Business – Out of My Hands (Revenge Edit)
James Carmichael + Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up (Instrumental)
Chocolette – Tell Me (That You Like It) (Party Mix)
The Popular People’s Front – My Baby Stays Out All Night
Les Edits du Golem – Eden Rock
The Tribe – Jungle Rock
Mark Shreeve – Legion (Space Mix)
Chris + Cosey – Arkade
Pankow – Girls + Boys (Betty Botox Edit)
Laid Back – White Horse
Severed Heads – Greater Dub (Hardway Bros. Edit + FX)
Tiger + Woods – Come Down
It’s A Fine Line – Woman (A Makhnovschina Reposession)


josh said...

keep posting! the DJ KAOS song is such a hot summer jam

Erik said...

thanks dude! glad you dig it