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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disco Adventure Aftermath

Last weekend I saw Harvey at the Mas Disco party in Oakland (which happens the first Saturday of every month or so I have been told) at the Oasis Restaurant and Lounge. The venue is awesome, with an outdoor patio surrounded by windowless soaring cement walls attached to the dance floor. Harvey was amazing, as was to be expected, combining lost remnants of disco, electro funk and house together with incredible ease. Several of his aforementioned Black Cock edits were played as well including "Disco Adventure" which is featured on Harvey Sarcastic Disco. I hadn't been to this fun of a party for a while, I only wish it could have lasted longer.

Last week Alain Finklekrautrock posted two new edits by Pilooski, one of the most exciting edit producing DJs of the last few years, here on their blog. The first is quite an incredible edit of Elvis Presley's "Crawfish" which has been on repeat for me all week, definitely on the order of his Pointer Sisters, Del Shannon, John Miles, and Frankie Vallie edits. Both of the tracks have been leaked and I will be sure to let you know when they come out for purchase, but until then I will share with you the track "WCTBL" by Pilooski and Cedric Marzewski (one half of the exciting new Discodeine act) under the alias Pski. It comes off of the 7" WCTBL pressed on blue vinyl and I am unfamiliar with the sample, but the soulful voice of the woman singing combined with the churning fuzz and pops produce quite a little jam.

Pski - WCTBL

I never followed Badly Drawn Boy as much as I probably should have, but the other week I picked up the Promises Remixes release because of the three artists doing the remixes, Reverso 68, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, and A Mountain Of One. All three have been mentioned before on Disco Horror, and all three deliver in a big way on this release, giving distinct, amazing interpretations of the original "Promises". Today I've decided to share with you the Beyond The Wizards Sleeve remix, as I have shared a Reverso 68 remix and several AMO1 tracks before. Enjoy this beautiful rendition that where BTWS back off on the brash percussion and chopped song structure they often opt for on their other reanimations such as Simian Mobile Disco's "Love" and Late Of The Pier's "The Bears Are Coming".

Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation)

Lastly I'd like to share a few versions of the song "Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas which my friend over at Robots In Heat shared with me last week and which coincidentally sprung up over at Dilated Choonz around the same time. First, Robots In Heat shared with me the hauntingly beautiful and sparse original version from 1972 with nothing but organ and a drum machine supporting Timmy Thomas' wonderful voice. Then RIH posted a version of the song by Sade from 1984 which adds more orchestration to the song with guitar, bass, and what sounds like live percussion, mellowing out the orgran but bursting into a funked out chorus later in the song. Then Dilated Choonz posted an exclusive new edit of the original by edit master Underdog here and then! they posted another version by Mike Anthony from 1982 which much more overt in energy and takes the song in the disco direction. Quite amazing to see the three interpretations of an incredible original.

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