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Friday, October 31, 2008

Have A Horrific Halloween

Sorry for the long delay between posts, things have been busy as I have been collecting pieces of my costume from thrift shops around the bay, but I wanted to share a party and some music I have been quite stoked about for the past few weeks. Tonight Gun Club, the painfully hip party organizers are throwing a Halloween party and the guest of honor is Greg Wilson, the famed DJ from Liverpool. He is considered to be one of the most important figures in the UK dance scene and is recognized for introducing electro, or electro-funk, to the UK in the early 80s. The party is at the Paradise Lounge (a new place I believe at 1501 Folsom St) , starts at 10pm and goes til 4am. Regular Gun Club DJs Ryan Poulsen and Travis TK Disco will be in attendance as well SF resident The Beat Broker. I will be in attendance and so should you.

Recently I have bought several records with GW's edits, including the new release by DFA/Rong Music newcomers Free Blood, who are, surprisingly out of Brooklyn! DFA seems intent on acquiring more and more of these new punk funk acts LCD Soundsystem has spawned. Some of them shine through with a track or two, but for the most part fall flat in my opinion (such as The Shocking Pinks and Prinzhorn Dance School). But Free Blood is offering something slightly different and reminiscent of The Faint, a darker brand of punk funk that is less centered around noise elements and more around thick vocals that bounce back and forth between shouting and whiny. I picked up their Royal Family 12" and thought it would be a fitting contribution seeing as Greg Wilson shows up on it. So here are two tracks from the 12", the new single by Free Blood "Royal Family" and Greg Wilson's version of their track "Grumpy" which takes it in a funkier direction.

Free Blood - Royal Family

Free Blood - Grumpy (Greg Wilson Version)

Also here is the video for "Royal Family". I love it, primarily for the amateur dance moves, the desert setting and the mass amount of tape machines.

So please come out tonight and celebrate, cover is $15 but I assure you will not be disappointed, and Happy Halloween!!!

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