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Monday, November 10, 2008

Vamp Fad?

This weekend I caught the new Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In and I must say I loved it. The story follows a bullied young boy who finds his first love in a young girl who happens to be a vampire during a long and cold Swedish winter. But over the course of the weekend I have found out that quite a few of my friends think that there is some sort of vampire fad that is taking place, citing the new series True Blood (which I must say I am addicted to) and the new film Twilight. Maybe it's the horror enthusiast in me trying to protect the artistic validity of a few films and series I have seen of late from the "fad" labeling which seems to instantly disqualify them from serious consideration. Either way, I would recommend both Let The Right One In and the new HBO series True Blood, both for different reasons, but both focusing on vampires.

I also thought it fitting for a track I wanted to post for some while now. It comes off of a new 12" from R&S Records, the hard-hitting famous dance label that began in the 80s, featuring two reinterpretations of classic rave tracks, Outlander's "Vamp" and Capricorn's "20Hz". As I've said before, I'm a sucker for piano house and techno tracks from the 90s, and the hit "Vamp" from 1991 is no exception to the rule. This high energy classic features a piano sample I'm sure some of you will have heard before and was featured in several Justice mixes over the last few years. Here we see it remixed in the Prins Thomas diskomiks style, replacing the drums and bass with more organic instrumentation to give it a truly scandodisco flavor, while keeping the original samples and structure fairly untouched. I must admit I was a little surprised to hear the king of kraut, cosmic, and all things boogie turn to a rave track for inspiration, but then again he has recently remixed the Ricardo Villalobos track "Fitzpatrick" in similar fashion. Rave? Minimal? What could be next for PT? Enjoy this for now.

Outlander - Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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