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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dungeons & Dragons

So last weekend I moved into my new place in the Mission and I could not be happier about the location. Amazing restaurants all within a short walk and countless bars to explore. I'm still looking for a home to host a disco night, but living in the city will help move things along. I've been putting a few mixes together that I will be recording shortly and posting for your enjoyment. Until then I have a few tracks from records I've purchased over the last month.

Mindless Boogie, the edit label that has featured the names of many of the biggest producers/DJs around at the moment, including Prins Thomas, Skinny Joey, Woolfy, Peter Visti, Wade Nichols (Todd Terje), Maelstrom, and In Flagranti. The latest release has the UK's Bonar Bradberry editing some mysterious psychedelic boogie tracks to create a soundtrack fit for a cosmic journey across jagged landscapes under purple moons, where Heavy Metal babes await rescue by the heroes of nerdom. The three tracks included are a departure from the track that introduced me to Bonar, "Beat The Bed" which is one of my favorite tracks of the year, a super slow-jam rivaled only by Lovelock's incredible "Don't Turn Away (From My Love)". Here I offer the A-side track "Dungeons", whereas the B-side offers my favorite of the release "Tumbledown" and the complementary "Dragons". Sorry I could not locate or recognize the original, but enjoy the edit for now.

Bonar Bradberry - Dungeons (Bonar Bradberry Edit)

Another track from the realm of unknowns comoes off a new label devoted to exposing lost gems, History Clock. Started by Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Jonny Burnip of London, the label now has three releases and Woman is the most recent (a track from one of the two Fitzcarraldo Variations releases is available on 20JFG here). The track featured is quite a peculiar one in that when the track begins it's hard to figure where the track is headed, but gradually it moves along a balearic trajectory from its minimal dubbed out beginnings to a beardo vocal chorus. Perfect for late night train rides spent gazing out upon glittering cityscapes.

It's A Fine Line - Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repossession)

In light of my last Sebastien Tellier post I also wanted to share, for those who haven't seen it, the video for "Sexual Sportswear" as it is one of my favorite videos of late. Dance videos have a tendency to star hot nude women, but the beauty of this video blows my mind. The already epic track is perfectly complemented by the shots that slowly pan across the neon curves of the dancers. Truly incredible video directed by Fleur and Manu.

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