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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Feel Electric

I first heard of Rubies earlier in the year when I picked up their I Feel Electric 12" for a version by Studio of their track "Room Without A Key", which is absolutely brilliant, but I don't need to go on about Studio any more. That release also came with "I Feel Electric", an upbeat track with shimmering synths and sweet harmonies. Today I have for you a remix by Tiedye, the new act off of Italians Do It Better, who, like Studio, hail from Sweden (on an aside... why is everything out of Scandinavia so fucking cool?). Tiedye extend Rubies' original with verby guitars similar and beautiful vocals, but where the Studio version keeps the energy at a typically mellow level, the Tiedye remix builds to a momentous climax like a wave surging over you, sweeping you away to a tropical sunset. I really can't put it into words so just give it a listen, you will not regret it.

Rubies - I Feel Electric (Tiedye Remix)

Italian disco god Daniele Baldelli needs no introduction. He is respected as one of the greatest DJs of all time and revered as the father of cosmic disco. Earlier this year he released a mixed compilation on Eskimo with fellow Italian Marco Dionigi titled Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!. While I haven't heard the mix yet, I did pick up one of the samplers (there are two) and it has enticed me to seek it out. The title is quite on the money with the three tracks included in Part Two so I won't bother you with a description, so here is one of the B-side tracks by electro, new wave group The Dream Syndicate off of their 1986 album Out Of The Grey.

The Dream Syndicate - 50 In A 25 Zone

Maurice Fulton has been a force to be reckoned with in house music since the late 1990s and now he has a new album released by DFA under the moniker Syclops, where he produces and works with several studio musicians. The new album, I've Got My Eye On You, has an organic feel for electronic music, including live drums, piano and acoustic bass in addition to wild synth work. At times it can be a little too progressive and freeform for me, but this track holds down the fort with a classic house feel that I am truly a sucker for lately. The track then drifts off into a jazzy realm that doesn't get too caught up in itself like other parts of the album.

Syclops - S Out

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