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Friday, September 26, 2008

And The Heat Goes On

So if anyone in the bay is interested (and I haven't told you in person already), there DJ Harvey will be at a party called Mas Disco in Oakland at the Oasis Restaurant & Bar on October 4th. I don't know the venue and I don't know the other DJs but I try to see Harvey any time I can. I will post more about it as the date draws closer but mark your calendars.

First up this week, the Brooklyn natives Runway (Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral) have released a new jam (literally). Last year they had a massive track "Shadows" that was featured on what may be my favorite mix of all time, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas' BBC Essential Mix, and on one of Prince Language's most recent No Comprendo mixes (I think it's 4, but it may be 3 either way you can listen to all of Prince Language's mixes at Lovefingers). Anyways, this track falls away from a housier vibe and more in the vein of techno, but rocks completely by virtue of the piano break in the middle. It's your typical amazing piano rave track, but it is darker and more subverted than anything from the late 80s early 90s, while successfully referencing the time. Also it comes with an L.S.B. remix which sounds slightly more contemporary.

Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam

Also check out Jacques Renault's new 12" on RVNG International. It has three incredible disco edits, one of which I was going to post, but it has already been posted at several other blogs, check ARAWA.fm or 20jazzfunkgreats.

So in commemoration of the coming harvey party, I decided to post his remix of the Fuzz Against Junk cover of the Talking Heads classic "Born Under Punches". About a year ago I told myself that I was going to try and edit the original, but when I shared my idea with my friend he told me that someone had already covered it and turned me to this (released in 1999). It's quite an awesome cover (I still prefer the original though), but the Harvey mix is something else. In lieu of the posting of the Black Cock edits over at Harvey Sarcastic Disco I began to realize that Harvey has a truly original take on edits/remixes and even though this make come accross wrong, he sounds more like a DJ when he does it than a producer. A lot of remixes I feel are new songs entirely, where Harvey's consist of looping things over and over and adding odd hits here and there. Don't get me wrong the beat is hypnotic, but the overall song structure is lacking. Either way I can't wait to play it on a dance floor. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

Fuzz Against Junk - Born Under Punches (DJ Harvey Remix)

Last comes a track from the famous Outline LP released by Canadian disco god Gino Soccio (btw, can't believe he has a myspace but I guess he still tours?). This album has what some believe to be the best disco track ever, "Dancer". I mean if god made disco, I think it might sound like this, or maybe Gino Soccio is god making disco, or maybe we are really living in a polytheistic realm where he is the god of disco, or maybe he sold his soul to the devil in return for incredible disco-making powers. In any case, "Dancer" is irresistible, but the rest of the album is classic as well. Today I will share with you "There's A Woman". This is classic late 1970s early 1980s synth-infused disco that shows both an influence by classic disco sounds and the italo sounds produced in the early 80s. Straight from 1981, Gino.

Gino Soccio - There's A Woman

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