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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hide From the Light

I was quite disappointed when I found out yesterday that Saturday had been the date of a Harvey Sarcastic Disco Party in LA and then even more depressed when I found out that he had played with special guest Gerry Rooney. Gerry and Harvey had formed Black Cock Records in the early 90s
and released some of the most select edits of that time. Some of the releases are shared at Harvey's website for the party, but otherwise you are going to have to pay some heavy dough for these super limited releases. I made the party in May and I can easily say it was nearly as religious of an experience as when I saw Daft Punk for the first time. The parties happen quarterly and go from 11pm to 7am, and usually Harvey DJs the whole time. Some might think 8 hours of dancing would be exhausting, and it is, but Harvey controls the energy of the room in such a stimulating fashion that you cannot help but dance the whole time. I will try to make the next one which should be around December so if anyone has an interest let me know so we can road trip it down there.

Speaking of now expensive releases, an exciting new track from the amazing New York label Whatever We Want Records, that is in my opinion on par with the early work of Map Of Africa and Quiet Village (these are already sold out at major vendors and are selling for over $50 at second hand dealers). The Laughing Light of Plenty, a new project by Thomas Bullock (one part of Map of Africa as well as one part of Rub N' Tug) has him teaming up with Eddie Rushca of Future Pigeon (who I need to get more of) for two tracks. The B-side has Listen Here, a goofy country dance track that is oddly entertaining and simultaneously bizarre, but the winner of the two is clearly the psychedelic disco rock anthem The Rose.

Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose

The next track is one of my favorite disco edits of late by a mysterious new label called Super Value. Even as I'm finding more and more poor disco edits circulating about as they become even more the craze at Phonica and Piccadilly, the three tracks on this labels debut LP & Cassette are all tastefully rendered from rich Philly soul disco jams. For today I'll share the choice edit of Billy Paul's classic Let The Dollar Circulate which is spun out without robbing it of its moments.

Super Value Edits - Dollar

Japanese electronic, future-jazz producer Kuniyuki Takahashi's new album from late last year, All These Things, was released on the amazing Mule Musiq label which also features Japanese acts like Force of Nature and Kaoru Inoue. The album has been followed by three volumes of remixes by some of the most prolific artists around right now. In particular Kuniuki Remixed Vol. 2 has two incredibly sexy remixes from A Mountain Of One and Cobblestone Jazz, the former of which is featured as the opening track of my mix below. But here for you I have perhaps an even more epic remix from controversial and genius techno producer Theo Parrish from the first volume of remixes. Minimal developments over more than 14 minutes shimmer a percussive cymbal beat that cuts through a chugging beat and ambient vocals. Truly a visionary remix that displays TP's raw talent as a producer.

Kuniyuki - All These Things (Theo Parrish Remix Vocal Ver)

Enjoy these for now and I will be back with more as soon as I can, thanks for reading!


Jason said...

man, that Billy Paul track's been getting around. first heard it on a Jay Dee produced Steve Spacek track.(prob my fave of the bunch)

then a 9th wonder produced Illdose

and now a Young Jeezy produced by Don Cannon

Jason said...

also, there's another Laughing Light of Plenty (back when they were just called RUSCHA & BULLOCK at the bottom of this link. pretty rad 13 min track