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Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't Stop When You Hear Me Callin'

So I finally found an mp3 version of a song I have been trying to find for the past few months (the vinyl is uber-expensive so I will settle for now until I find it cheap in a shop). Thanks to the newly discovered (for me at least) fellow San Francisco blog ARAW.fm, who posted this in May, I was finally united with the incredible track by Escape From New York, "Fire In My Heart." Quickly uploading it to my iPod, I set off on the morning commute and my imagination got the better of me while I was waiting for the train to come. I started to daydream about a music video for this haunting track portraying a forbidden love between a young man and his werewolf woman lover. The video starts as the sun sets on early 1980s New York and the boy leaves his work in the kitchen at a diner. Throwing his apron off he begins to walk the city streets when he hears the cry of his lover. Cutting back and forth between shots of him walking the streets and of her singing in a Flashdance-esque tattered sweater, yellow eyes aflame as she tries to reprieve the primal force from within her taking control. But the man cannot keep away and ultimately he arrives to find his girl transformed. Upon which a bloody fight ensues ending in the boy's tragic murder. Flash back to reality and I'm getting off the train for work. Alas my dream of a music video has yet to be realized nor do I think it ever will. Had it been made, it just might have rivaled the other classic horror 80s music video, also one of my favorites, "Thriller". Either way Escape From New York had some serious tracks in their short term of existence (known to me at least). Here is the classic track "Fire In My Heart" from 1984 (again thanks to blogging compatriot ARAW.fm) along with a dubbed out edit I picked up on the second volume out by Disco Exotique from the band's release prior to it "Save Our Love" from 1983.

Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart

Escape From New York - Save Our Love (D.I.T.S. Dub)

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