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Friday, December 19, 2008

Action Jackson

Despite his pedophilic tendencies and eroding facial structure, MJ is easily one of the most important figures in music of the last thirty years, but who doesn't know that, honestly. And while "Billy Jean" is still regularly slapped behind rap tracks by lames looking to get an immediate response from the crowd, others have more tastefully paid tribute to Jackson's musical legacy.

Off of Tim Sweeney (of the incredible Beats In Space radio) and Tim Goldsworthy's (of DFA) new 12", whose collaboration is T&T, come with two massive edits (or versions or something) of two classic tracks by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. While many editors nowadays are scraping bins for obscure gems to spin out Sweeney and Goldsworthy pick two of the most well known disco/funk tracks ever made, "Superstition" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". In the latter, the funky bassline is replaced with buzzy whirling acid synths and "don't stop the rhythm..." echoes throughout a massive breakdown, keep on!

Next is an edit by Holy Ghost! of "Get On The Floor" I found when I stumbled onto this blog the other day, Off The Radar. Far more minimalistic than the T&T remix, Holy Ghost! hardly touches the track until the breakdown in the middle, where the reworking shows its magic. Holy Ghost! has been racking up quite a few great remixes this year, most recent being this dubbed gem of Curses! featuring The Juan Maclean and Nancy from LCD Soundsystem, here. But enough of that, here is the dance-floor-filler from the hot up-and-comers from Brooklyn.

Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (Holy Ghost! Edit)

Lastly is nothing new but one of my favorite re-edits by Todd Terje under the Tangoterje moniker. His edit of "I Can't Help It" might be his best behind Diamonds Dub. Terje takes Jackson's voice and throws it through some kind of filter that makes it sound crispy coming out of your speakers, while adding enough percussion to groove out a lovely breakdown in the middle.

Lastly, I was turned onto this video the other day by my friend over at Robots In Heat, and I couldn't help but share it. Take classic Jacksons disco, add effects from Tron and a 3 minute extended ending that truly makes the video feel like an acid trip. I cannot believe this is from 1980, it is too good.

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