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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sauna Diplomacy

I've never been to Finland, but I always figured most people who live there spend most of their time ice skating, and building sleds, and, I dunno, killing reindeer. With knives. You know--rosy-cheeked, hardy people who were good at, like, making hot chocolate, and skinning bears.

Well let me tell you: this is not the case. Apparently Finns mostly just have a lot of casual sex and spend a lot of time in the sauna. Sometimes Finnish politicians and businessmen will drag people to the sauna and refuse to leave until negotiations are finished and terms are settled. How cool is that? This country has as many people as Atlanta, and they kicked Russia's ass in WWII. Like, majorly.

Anyway, this joint is from a Finnish band called Regina, and they sound like a bunch of sweaty, slutty motherfuckers, and not in that trashy French electro way, either. Think Studio, but a little colder, a little less dubby, like they just came out of their little steam hut and want to groove in some log cabin by the moving light of a big fire, windows all fogged up, before heading back out into the dark, watching their breath hang in the air on their way back to the sauna.

BTW, it's also a Christmas song.

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