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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Drugs to Take Music To

I busted Andorra out today, you know, digitally, on my iPod, to listen to on the PATH train coming home, and all I could think was: what a good motherfucking album. And: this dude must own a lot of Beach Boys records. And: I bet he does a lot of shrooms. For real! The whole thing sounds like a road trip up CA-1 with your buds freshman year of college, tripping on some deserted beach and trying to cook refried beans over a poorly-built fire. In a good way! 

You feel me, though: Andorra spills out in the best way, too full of energy and good will, sloppy drumming and watery keyboards, like taking drugs when you're 16 and writing down the corny shit you say ("We are the earth... breathing"). The last track, Niobe, is my favorite, but it's not really like the rest of the album--it's more E than shrooms, to be corny about it, pushing forward, darkly, with purpose, maybe, but without direction, going full speed ahead, like a motorboat on the open ocean, into blank silence, emptiness, horizon, and the end of the album.

1 comment:

tom croose said...

love this track...pretty sure he was listening to a lot of james holden when he made this.