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Sunday, December 7, 2008

7 Trx + Intermission

So today marks a great day as I have finally purchased a domain for my blog. Seeing as that I have been posting for nearly 3 months now I figured it was time to rid my followers of the heinous burden that is third party file-sharing sites. Divshare was good for its purposes but now I can safely direct you to the tracks I choose to share directly with my new domain. And in order to celebrate this occasion I have decided to share with you a track off of the incredible new album by Dan Lissvik (one half of Studio) called 7 Trx + Intermission. The album came somewhat out of nowhere, heralded only by an email I received from INF a few weeks back announcing its release. I quickly ordered it and it came in the mail just last week. As many followers will know I am a huge fan of Studio so my opinion may seem partial, but this is an incredible record. While it lacks any vocal components, the album consists of 9 meticulously crafted, beautifully produced instrumentals that take the Studio-sound in a more psychedelic direction. I find it funny because I've had a few conversations of late over whether the nu-balearica sound is beginning to fall flat, and while I agree there certainly are a lot of copycat acts putting the pieces together to form tracks with guitar + reverb + dubbed out percussion, Studio continues to amaze me and Lissvik has certainly not disappointed here. Enjoy this jam, one of the more upbeat tracks from his album.

D. Lissvik - Track 4

Also, on the ILM board for Studio this video popped up in the discussion of the new album and I thought it was too classic not to share. From what I've heard it was made in the studio while making the album, which makes sense given its simple nature, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

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