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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Disco Revenge

A couple months ago, the beardo thread on ILM turned me onto The Revenge (Scottish edit specialist Graeme Clark) with his incredible edit of Hot Chocolate's "Cadillac" (which was perhaps my favorite edit of 2008) on Jiscomusic - the label that has released Mark E's most spectacular works "Smiling" and "Scared". Having successfully caught my attention I pursued other works by him and another project of his the 6th Borough Project (Clarke and Craig Smith, also a UK resident). So this post will introduce you to their latest works.

First up is a track off of the 6th Borough Project's Part One 12" on Instruments of Rapture. The three edits on this record are all funky disco house jams, including a dub by The Revenge. Driven by house beats, swollen with disco samples, and given enough reverb, echo and delay effects to smooth the transitions, these are some of the finest edits I have heard in a while. Super soulful funky jams that work well on lazy afternoons or early in the night to get the dancefloor started, think stoned french house. From Part One, I've chosen to share the first track "Hang On". I don't know the sample on this, but 6thBP takes it and works it well over for more than seven blissful minutes of warm funky goodness, enjoy!

Next we have The Revenge's latest work from his Jiscomusic release. More powerful and overt in their energy, these edits come at you like his edit of "Cadillac". Especially "Savin' The Day", which is an edit of Alessi's track of the same name from Ghostbusters! I remember liking the track from when I watched the movie years ago, but The Revenge reinvents it into a dark dubby dance monster. Looped to perfection, this track finds more and more energy as it chugs along. This is a floor filler for sure!

For more from The Revenge check out OOFT Music for mixes and more exclusive edits.

1 comment:

beta said...

that Hot Chocolate track is great fun (Rub-n-Tug dropped it after this sweet "Chocolate City" edit on Nov. 5th) but not much of an edit at all, save for thickening the bass. that said, would love to hear the Mark E. tracks you mentioned here.