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Friday, January 30, 2009

Off The Deep End

Big reminder, tomorrow Lindstrøm comes so get excited! It will be his only live show on the west coast and he doesn't come to the states very often so this is a rare opportunity to see the steward of cosmic disco working his magic live! Tickets are available here for those of you who haven't got them, and the party is, as usual, at the Paradise Lounge, and runs from 10pm - 4am. Also for more on Lindstrøm, my fellow blogger Max was privileged enough to get Hans-Peter to answer some questions about his album Where You Go I Go Too. Read it here. Now on to the tunes...

So since getting into disco, house and all things electronic, I've realized a lot of the guys I'm big on have a loungey vibe that verges on the reaches of the genre of deep house. Less the housey beat, these tracks could be given a balearic title or nudisco, but the four to the floor funkiness puts them into the deeper category. I'm not saying these two guys I'm posting are deep house in the way it was big a few years back, but deep seems to be the best categorization for the vibe they put forth. First up is England's Red Rack'em Presents Hot Coins' Valiant Truth EP from one of my favorite labels right now Tirk (who have featured the likes of Sorcerer, Chaz Jankel, Idjut Boys and Greg Wilson). This EP is a bit quirky, but the title track is pretty awesome. Think Mark E's chugging funkiness with a wash of echoey shimmering synths as if you're playing Lindstrøm at 33. Enjoy this bouncey downtempo jam.

Red Rack'Em presents Hot Coins - Valiant Truth

Next is a name I was unfamiliar with until a few weeks ago, Arturo Capone, an Italian producer whose album Miocuoure was released not too long ago on Bear Funk whose parent label is is Bear Entertainment. Between the two they have released artists such as Max Essa, Illija Rudman, Lexx and Mudd (of Claremont 56), and Norwegian spectacles Lindstrøm and Todd Terje. This release has a deeper, housier vibe, but maybe that is telling of a new direction in the genre as Capone chooses to use organic basslines and live drums throughout the album to give it a feel much like Prins Thomas' remixes at times. Also, the album features the use of guitar sounds much like those in the Idjust Boys' edit of Nick Chacona's "Band Practice" throughout. At times it can run short of ideas, but at its best Miocuore captures the essence of how disco has pervaded so many different contemporary electronic music genres. The track I share with you today might be my favorite on the album and reminds me of Lindstrøm's "I Feel Space", enjoy.

Arturo Capone - Teate

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