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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chromeo, O Chromeo!

A week from today at this time I will be trucking down I-5 at 80mph with my fingers crossed that we don't hit any traffic because beginning at 9pm is Chromeo's last American show before returning to the studio! The show is at the Key Club, and I think tickets are sold out, but hit me up if you managed to catch some. The last time I was lucky enough to see the electro duo was two summers ago before Chromeo became rampant in every club. Truly one of my favorite groups of the last 2 years, they have rode the success of their second album Fancy Footwork to its complete capacity, touring regularly for the last year and and a half. Anyways, I came across this remix by them (not something they do often) of Treasure Fingers' bouncey house track "Cross The Dancefloor" (which you can find on his myspace). They retain most of the funky instrumentals and replace Treasure Fingers' vocoder with David's smooth voice, sounds as if it was meant to be. A great afternoon jam, electric slide and do the marshmallow!

Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)


truck!zero said...

Hey Hey I just discovered your wrld of wonder over here (linked through ARAWA) and... well FUCK man-
I just wanted to weigh in with a little bitta


Premium curation sir.. and premium cleverness on this Beards of a Feather biz! I totally had a stitches-outbreak;)

Many Props to ya...
Theo Bowen

benjimite said...

Cool blog dude, all sorts of goodies thru here. Just discovered it thru some msg board when searching about the Claremont Originals album, have just added you to the ole reader :)

Ash said...

thanks for the support! we've been a bit lax about posting in the new year, but there will be much more to come soon!