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Friday, March 13, 2009

Being popular is all it's made out to be

So I have some great news for those of you here in San Francisco! Beards of a Feather has found a night to play some tunes! It's on March 24th at Laszlo in the Mission (which is next to the Foreign Cinema) and we're calling it comRAD because it will be as the name indicates. It is a Tuesday night, but it's a nice space and the bartender has been friendly towards the tunes I've shown him so it should be a good party. Jaxon from Robots.In.Heat and myself will be hosting it and playing records from 9-2 so come on by and bring some friends if you can, it's sure to be fun and hopefully the beginning of much more to come! Join our FB group to hear more about events or email me at disco.horror.show(at)gmail(dot)com and we will put you on an email list for the least intrusive spam-happy updates as possible.

The UK-based Popular People's Front have been releasing funky re-edits for a few years now. I only have some of their more recent stuff (Sample Pleasures Part 3 and the Limited Series 02), but it's pretty great and the packaging always features a rad clusterfuck of animals, synthesizers and other odd images, forming bizarre collages that I'm pretty crazy about. I don't know who The Popular People's Front are but their latest release, Love E.P., has already made quite an impression throughout the nerd-web community because of the edit by Leo Zero (another UK producer/DJ who is more known for less obscure edits like on this release) of The New York Community Choir's "Express Yourself" from 1977. According to Leo Zero's myspace it also contains some Al Green, but I'm not positive on the track. Since American Athlete is already sharing the LeoZero edit dubbed "Church Love" here (I'm fairly confident you can find it elsewhere as well), I decided to share "Keep Doin' Your Dance". Not sure on the original but it sounds super familiar. This funky one has a great dubbed flavor while supplying some serious drive with horns and hats and the gospel chorus encouraging the divas voice along, let me see you move...

The Popular People's Front - Keep Doin' Your Dance

Highly recommended, buy the record here!

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Peter PleasureCruise said...

congreats on the weekly. i plan on being on the west coast this summer...and will def come thru!