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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More gems from Claremont 56

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and thanks to Tom Croose for sharing his musical selections with us!  I know I had a great time and I think it was quite the success for our first party.  Hopefully they will let us stay for a monthly and I'm already trying to find a place with more of a dance floor.  Again if you had a good time or know anyone who would be interested, join our FB group for Beards of a Feather to hear more.  We promise we will try to keep you informed in the least intrusive spam-happy fashion possible.  Enough of that though, on to the tunes.

Todays tracks are a bit of a cool down for ya if you managed to stay out late like I did last night.  First up is a track off of the new album from JAZ (the South Carolina-dwelling vinyl guru whose work on Beard Science and Claremont 56 deserves some serious attention).  I Played Sports, released on Claremont 56, is available here and from it I would like to share this shy funky mover.  I'm not sure on the original, but here is the edit he has produced.  Also check out his Leather Get Going Mix which is as close to perfect as a beardo mix can get.

Next is a track that I first heard when Harvey showed up on BIS a few weeks ago.  Most of the tracks he played are obscure enough for even the nerdiest of beards, but towards the end he drops this absolutely amazing track by Stars 'N' Bars.  Frustratingly enough the record was hard to find before, but now it will be worth a generous fortune to pay for now.  Lucky for me, Claremont 56 followed their impeccable Originals, compiled by Moonboots & Balearic Mike, with a second volume compiled by Mark Seven that features the tune along with many other dreamy gems.  For now though here is quite possibly one of best tracks I have heard in a long time, I just can't stop listening to it.


mikebee said...

love 'Stars and Bars' - first heard that on a Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Japanese radio mix from 05 and never really figured it out. It's the jam!

also wanted to point out to your US readers - if you're not quite down with paying the UK price + shipping for the Jaz CD you can mail order it from Amoeba in San Francisco (or drop by and pick one up) for under $20. Just sayin'!

John Zahl said...

For those who like vinyl, Get (Give) Some Love and three others from the CD came out on a 12 this week.