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Monday, March 23, 2009

Music for a friday... on a monday

Sorry for being absent for so long, things have been busy. Just to remind our avid followers, Jason of Robots In Heat and myself will be DJing tomorrow night at Laszlo (on Mission St between 21st and 22nd) from 9-2. Tom Croose (who released that awesome, highly limited 7" edit of The Mac's "Never Going Back Again") will also be swinging by to play some tunes. So the more of you that come the more of a party this will be and we can spend a lovely Tuesday dancing into the AM. Or come by early for a drink! Either way we'd love to see you come out and say hey!

Today we have two european jams for your nights on the balearic isles or on the Mediterranean coastline. I know I fantasize about buying a yacht/time machine and cruising up and down the shores of the Spain, France and Italy, touring the balearic isles and coming into port to explore the local discotecas buried within the cliffside cities. But the closest I can come are these tracks for now. Loud-E, who has an impeccable skill for finding obscure euro disco gems and grinding them into floor-filling mayhem-ensuing masterpieces, has a new CD out. But unlike most other DJs who release 12"s for a couple years and then compile them into an "album" when their popularity is great enough, Loud-E has decided to share his wealth of reconstructed beardy jams by releasing an album of all new edits, Loudefied, in addition to the large amount of savvy work he has done for Bear Funk, Ambassador's Reception, and Objects Of Desire. It's fairly loaded with a bunch of great tracks, but my favorite is the slow-moving chugger "Granada Nights", add red lighting and discoball for maximum effect.

Loud-E - Granada Nights

Next comes an edit off of the new 12" Fly Away from Beatfanatic, the Swede who's Vangelis remix lit up Ewan Pearson's "And So To Bed Mix" on Allez-Allez. If you haven't heard this mix, you should probably download it and listen to it at least 100 times. Anyways, the new stuff from Beatfanatic is great. There are two original tracks that could be best characterized as nudisco, and both are supreme, but this track on the B-side is what really caught my attention. Enjoy this as you escape your work week or whatever whatever because it is aural bliss.

Beatfanatic - Nights On Ibiza (Edit)

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