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Friday, March 6, 2009


Cross-posted at Mind Grapes

This one goes out for my Saturday homies--

You know what the best kind of morning is? (This is a secret, by the way). The best kind of morning is the one where you get up before 9am, with enough time to have a cup of coffee and do the crossword. It’s a Sunday morning, usually, but if you play your cards right you can do it on Saturday, too, or really any day you’re not too hung over and don’t have anything to do till mid-afternoon at the earliest. You know, the kind where you make yourself a breakfast burrito, with tomato chutney and home-cured bacon, and a little bit of melted Asiago, and your chick (or your dude, depending) is chilling in the bed in her (or his) underwear, and you whip out Tusk, Side 4, and blow the dust off the needle and put on “Honey Hi,” and when it’s over you go put on again, because of those close harmonies, and the phrasing on Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar, and, come on, the sky is clear and you’ve got a beautiful day just waiting for you, and you know you’re going to have a mellow-ass day if you’ve this fucking song stuck in your head, and what, tell me what, is sweeter than that.


tim_g said...

yeah sunday morning is all abt tusk for me i totally hear where yr coming from

Ash said...

tusk is one of my favorites if not my favorite from the mac