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Friday, February 27, 2009

Breaking down the doors of hell... with your bare fists

Well maybe that's a bit of a dramatic title. Actually, no it's not, because Zombi's new album Spirit Animal deserves something far more epic than that. This album should be the soundtrack to an animated epic by Boris Vallejo (if he did such a thing I might flip) about a war between good and evil at the gates of hell, where demons clash with holy warriors clad in white armor. This is what horror film music should sound like! Ambient metal electronica that jams and rides arpeggios out in a thrashing that wears on you the way a drawn out silence does before the zombies burst through the door and start chewing on people. Sure A.E. Paterra and Steve Moore (aka Lovelock) are paying massive tribute to Goblin and the Dario Argento's horror masterpieces of the late 1970s, but who cares, they do it really well! This shit makes me want to spend a week in the desert tripping on peyote and find my spirit animal. You can find the title track here at 20JFG and there is also a split album they did with Maserati that is pretty dope, but for now here is the second track from the album, and one of my favorites.

Zombi - Spirit Warrior

Also check this recently released remix of Zombi's "Sapphire" by Escort (the track of theirs that appears on Prins Thomas' Cosmo Galactic Prism). It adds a pinch of balearic guitars to the mix and you should probably put it on when you decide to head back to civilization and leave the desert mountains behind. Otherwise, you might get lost in the wilderness forever.

Zombi - Sapphire (Escort Remix)


Anastasis said...

by far the most epic sound of the first quarter of 2009 and a strong competitor for top-10 albums of this year... but my favorite is the first track
btw i think you forgot "the thing" by carpenter in your classic horror section
keep the good work
greetings from greece

Ash said...

carpenter is amazing, the thing is one of my favorites, i stand corrected