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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nobody loves a good rave more than me. Putting on my platform leather boots, strapping on my cookie monster backpack filled with glowsticks, Vicks vapor rub, pacifier, cat ears, and orange juice and showering myself in glitter before going to a stadium show with eye piercing lasers and listening to some good ol PvD! Of course then there's the nu ravers, which aren't really ravers at all but just kids in LA who like to rage blacked-out to blog house and Flosstradomus.

Marrying the two somewhere along the way is the French label Institubes with their prodigious young producer Surkin, one of the only producers out of the nurave scene to seriously check out (I don't post much on this genre any more but I would also recommend his labelmate Para One, Digitalism, and Boys Noize). It deserves some serious blasting and a large arena filled with a throng of dancers. Or you can do what I do and blast while dancing around your room on a Monday night until your roommates tell you it's 930 and their walls are shaking. Either way this is anthemic awesome rave music which originally came out about a year ago, but has now gotten a remix release with Chromeo adding vocals over the original production. I'll throw both in cuz right now I love you man, I mean we don't say it enough, but I really love you and we really should become the best of friends! Btw can I have some of your water? What's your name again?

Surkin - White Knights Two

Surkin - Chrome Knight (feat. Chromeo)

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