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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knee Deep

This was another score from the trip to Rasputin the other day. It's funny because I used to play and be into jazz in a very pretentious way (those days are now over), but when I first read the review for this album on allmusic.com it tore into it. Whether the album is as eclectic as Hancock's more avant-garde works or as timeless as his first trips into funk on Headhunters or Thrust, the reviewers tone was what got to me. After giving the record a measely 1/5 stars, he writes "Herbie falls hook, line and sinker for the disco fad and submerges his personality underneath the plastic vocals and four-on-the-floor disco beat." WTF is that supposed to mean? Is disco beneath him? What a dick thing to say. Either way Hancock's shortlived journey into disco yielded some seriously funky hits (perhaps cheesy at points, but dripping with gospel and smooth vocoders) and I'm sure the disco community was happy to have him. The hit off of Feets Don't Fail Me Now was "Tell Everybody" but there is another b-side slower mover that I was intrigued by, "Knee Deep". Today I feel like sharing both so enjoy these two from 1979.

Herbie Hancock - Tell Everybody

Herbie Hancock - Knee Deep

Also, for a change of pace, the other day spotted this on ILM. The video to Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up". Bizarre video, so naturally I love it. Also check the vimeo site for the video to "If I Had A Heart". Supremely dark and lovely videos that make your skin crawl.

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

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