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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Cross-posted at Mind Grapes

So like a lot of fairly well-adjusted people I am skeptical of anyone who is 'into music.' For the most part I cannot distinguish between these kinds of people and people who are 'into porn' and do things like go to porn industry conventions and discuss pornographic movies extensively on the internet. At least with porn freaks there's some element of--well, sexuality is part of human nature, or something. Music, it's just like--no. Just, no.

Anyway I bring this up because the new Boredoms Super Roots is out. The Boredoms are one of those noisy Japanese punk bands worshipped by every director of web content and freelance writer from Clinton Hill to Echo Park; their shows look like a plaid shirt convention and are probably the worst places on the planet to find a boyfriend. You know: they're one of those bands that people who are 'into music' like.

Except they're actually pretty rad. And who am I kidding, anyway; you're reading about music on the internet, which means that unless you're Ash's mom or something you're 'into' music and you know who the Boredoms are, and you're probably masturbating right now in your Throbbing Gristle t-shirt and listening to a leaked copy of Super Roots 10. You gross me the fuck out, but whatever. So this is what I wanted to share: there's a Lindstrøm remix on this one (you can find it at 20JFG, among other places), and it basically kicks ass. But it's not the first time EYE (you know, the Boredoms dude) and Hans-Peter have crossed paths. Here's EYE's remix of "Contemporary Fix," a shifting, stuttering, funny little thing, a 3 a.m. middle-of-the-set game-changer, one of those tracks that winds you up, and down, at the same time. Suggested drug: mushrooms, caffeine, banana peels.

Lindstrøm - Contemporary Fix (EYE Remix)


Hypnic Jerk said...

I haven't listened to the song --- I had to stop to comment the moment I read "plaid shirt convention" and knew I fell in love. THANK YOU for this blog.

apple said...

this is hilarious!! Thanks u made my nite! People who are "into music" as opposed to people "into porn". Best analogy ever!!!