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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Cross-posted at Mind Grapes
LOL: remember when you were in high school, and your favorite bands were Minor Threat and Chain of Strength, and you actually got in arguments with people about NY vs. NJ hardcore, and you had an email correspondence with that one dude from Kid Dynamite and cuffed your jeans all the way up to, like, your knee and told people you were going to get a tattoo that said “Poison Free” and you were a sanctimonious little prick who hated hippies and prog rock and mellow-ass grooves?

Newsflash: that was you being corny. This is you being cool: taking up carpentry; buying a poncho; smoking a ton of weed; growing a beard; owning some kind of mutt dog that follows you everywhere; giving the dog a bandana; carving, like, walking sticks, or something; worshipping the sun; curing your own meat; going to the sweat lodge; listening to Vangelis’s Earth on your hi-fi (note: this is the only thing you actually need to do to be cool).

The real deal is: you sitting there, listening to your Lindstrøms and your Mountains of One and your Sebastién Telliers, you are listening to Vangelis records, and you don’t even know it. Homie: Vangelis is it; the guy who invented all the music you listen to. I say start with Earth but anything before, say, ’86, is undeniable. Be cool again, dude. Be a Vangelis fan.

Vangelis - The City

Vangelis - We Were All Uprooted

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