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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

House Of House

So I have some unfortunate news. The 222 Club in the Tenderloin has closed. I am not sure why but apparently the owner has made the decision and it's truly unfortunate because Jaxon and I were quite looking forward to venues for our Beards Of A Feather party we were planning on throwing there at the end of the month. But now we are back on the lookout for a new venue. I hate the promotional aspect of DJing but I guess it comes with the territory. Anyways, if you know any venues that would be fitting for a beardo dance party please email me!

I do have a treat for you today though. Whatever We Want Records has released another monster track on us that blows away all other piano house anthems created over the past few years. Appropriately named, the label's new member House of House, is Olivier Spencer and Saheer Umar. Both tracks on their 12" Rushing To Paradise are absolutely incredible, my favorite material on the label since Map Of Africa. I wont even attempt to describe it to you, I just want you to stop reading here and listen to the genius behind this new epic, the b-side isn't too shabby either, enjoy!

House Of House - Rushing To Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)
(removed as per artist's request, listen here. Buy here!)


Peter PleasureCruise said...

i've been reading about this and seeing it pop up in setlists....can't wait to listen! thanks for sharing.

Erik said...

thanks for this, enjoying it as i type...

as far as sf venues, you should check out the li po lounge in chinatown. the guys who run groove merchant records and other local disco and soul dudes already do stuff there on sunday nights. i hear it's relatively cheap to rent out for an evening- like 75-80 bucks. other than that, i think it's also possible to arrange stuff at places like edinburgh castle or kimo's in the tenderloin

(this is psychgawsple, btw)

Ash said...

Thanks for the tips Erik! I think Sweaterfunk is at that joint you mention in Chinatown if I'm right? Edinburgh is another place we are considering, and I'll look into Kimo's.