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Friday, February 27, 2009


Bored at work on a Friday -> two posts today, enjoy

Some live updates for alls yous out in the world wide web... who also live in San Francisco. Tomorrow night Darshan Jesrani (one half of Metro Area) is playing at The Triple Crown at 1760 Market. Cover is $10 and it's a pretty nice space, haven't heard the system, but it should be good fun. And then next weekend there are two events you should be aware of: First is Gun Club's 3 Year Anniversary on Friday night (March 6th) with Maurice Fulton at Paradise. $10 presale, tickets here. Then on Saturday, Mas Disco is hosting Woolfy at Oasis in Oakland (Harvey played there in October and rawked it). $5 before 11, but be mindful it's a DJ set not a live show :(.

In honor of the beardy man himself, I thought I'd share a few remixes I recently picked up of some of his material. First up we have one of the two remixes by In Flagranti on this Oh Missy 12" (there are two - one with In Flagranti remixes, the other with mixes by Whatever Whatever). I've learned the original is from this comp that was released in 2006, but now is getting rereleased with these mixes. Both In Flagranti remixes take the track in opposite directions. The xenon mix is a steady italo house mover in the typical flagrant style, but the meat-packing mix is all over the place with samples from the original chopped up into a whirring maelstrom of dirty, bloody synthwork, like a finely cooked dance meatloaf. Mmmmmmmm.

Woolfy - Oh Missy (In Flagranti's Meat-Packing Mix)

Then there is this remix 12" of the two big tracks off of Woolfy vs. Projection's amazing album from last year The Astral Projections of Starlight. Here we have a mellow reworking of "The Return Of Starlight" by Invisible Conga People (they have a rad 12" Cable Dazed/Weird Pains on IDIB). It pretty much sounds like A nice mellow follow-up to the sex-on-acid-in-a-dark-euro-club-meat-packing-mix above.

Woolfy vs. Projections - The Return Of Starlight (Invisible Conga People Remix)

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